Meet the Ornithologists

Two thousand ornithologists converged for the 2016 North American Ornithological Conference on August 16-20 in Washington, DC.

American Ornithology did a series of pictorial interviews (“biosketches”) with people at the conference. Click on any photo to meet the ornithologists!

Learn more about the American Ornithology biosketch series here.

Get a #Biosketch at NAOC

We hope you’re going to the North American Ornithological Conference, held August 16-20 in Washington, D.C. We also hope you’ll introduce yourself to Abby McBride, who would love to draw a quick whiteboard sketch depicting you and your work. We’ll take a photo or a video of you holding your #biosketch and share it on social media to introduce you to the American Ornithology community.

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and use the hashtag #NAOC2016 during the conference. See you soon!

COS Members Approve Merger with AOU

COS members have spoken and have overwhelmingly approved the merger with AOU, with upwards of 85 percent in favor. More than 700 members cast ballots, exceeding 55 percent of COS membership. The final step in the decision process will be a vote by AOU Fellows on August 16. Learn more here!

Brown Pelican by Paul J. Marto, Jr—Marto PhotographyBrown Pelican by Paul J. Marto, Jr. Marto Photography